Trustworthy construction 

If you are looking for a high-quality, technically sophisticated, energy-efficient and modernly designed facility at a competitive price, we are the right address for you.

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  • Securing suitable land.

  • Implementation of surveying services. 

  • Designing all phases of project and technical documentation.

  • Revision of project documentatio

  • Building permits, administrative procedures...

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Structural systems

We offer technically sophisticated assembly halls and at the same time introduce freshness in the appearance of buildings made of prefab AB constructions. We offer investors a wide selection of finishing layers....

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Incom Ajdovščina

Year of construction: 2024

Timo Ajdovščina

 Year of construction: 2020

Fijavž Vili Slovenske Konjice 

Year of construction: 2017

Zavarovalnica Sava Maribor

Year of construction: 2022